We devote to connect people not only virtually but also physically.


Who are we?

Rhynoapps Corp is a mobile application developing company based in Manila, Philippines.


We aim to revolutionize the application software industry by delivering market-defining high-quality mobile applications that will satisfy our customers, help expand our market, and conquer the industry through a combination of world-class end-to-end solutions. Our goal is to bring people closer, not only virtually, but also physically, using IOS and Android systems around the world.


Our vision is to be known worldwide as a great contemporary and consistent source of lifestyle and social media applications, continually innovating.

Founded in 2016, we look forward to a challenging yet exciting year ahead.

Our Apps

What are our products?

SnikOut is Rhynoapps’ first ever mobile application. It encourages people to “sneak out” from the hectic and virtual lifestyle and meet with each other face-to-face.

It connects users with common interests, form new friendships outside the virtual world, spontaneously discover and join events, activities, and hang-outs near them, and schedule their own get together with friends, relatives, and other social circles.

Break away from virtual friendship and make real connections, spontaneously.

Winnr is the newest and most unique shopping app in the market! It is an innovative and creative way to shop for the items you have been eagerly eyeing.

Winnr encourages users to spend money wisely and switch to crowd-funded shopping. For only ten pesos, get your hands on the latest items and gadgets in the market! This new shopping app is practical, effective, and fun to use! All items are 100% authentic, on-hand, and ready to ship!

If you can't buy it, win it.


Why join Rhynoapps?

We are family!

In the Rhynoapps family, we come from different backgrounds, cultures, and education. We believe that by nurturing and enhancing our talents, we can improve people's interactive and entertainment experience by delivering high quality and fun mobile applications as a family.

Be part of our young and innovative organization, as we create fun and quality services for our country and our country’s future.

Work station and interactive side

Do you want to create something interesting, collaborate with great people, and work in flexible hours and in an environment where talents, ideas, and skills can be fully expressed and shared to the world?

We value your opinions and thoughts as everyone stands in the same level when it comes to ideas and insights, contributing to the company's growth and performance.

Benefits of being part of the family

Health care, paid time-off, year-end bonus, work and learning experiences, and more! Puns and jokes are optional, but also included.

Job Opening

Who are we hiring?

Mobile Application Developer

Please send us your CV and portfolio(for designers) to: hr@rhynoapps.com

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